Kamen Rider Agito was the second season of the Heisei TV series. It seemed to be the sequel of Kamen Rider Kuuga. It began in 2001 & ended in 2002.



Main RidersEdit

Color Role Actor
Agito Shouichi Tsugami Toshiki Kashu
G3 Makoto Hikawa Jun Kaname
Gills Ryō Ashihara Yuusuke Tomoi
Another Agito Kaoru Kino Takanori Kikuchi

Movie RidersEdit

Color Role Actor
G4 Shiro Mizuki Karato Ryo



  • The Unknown



Agito's WeaponsEdit

  • Alter Ring
  • Wiseman's Monolith
  • Storm Halberd
  • Flame Saber
  • Shining Caliber

G3's WeaponsEdit

  • Guard Acceler
  • GM-01 “Scorpion”
  • GG-02 “Salamander”
  • GS-03 “Destroyer”
  • GA-04 “Anthares”
  • GX-05 “Cerberus”
  • GK-06 “Unicorn”

Gills' WeaponsEdit

  • Meta Factor
  • Wiseman’s Orb
  • Gills Claw
  • Gills Heel Claw
  • Gills Feeler
  • Gills Stinger
  • Demon Fang Crusher

Another Agito's WeaponsEdit

  • Ank Point
  • Wiseman’s Stone
  • Bio Claw


Agito's VehiclesEdit

  • Tornader

G3's VehiclesEdit

  • Guard Chaser
  • G-Trailer

Gills' VehiclesEdit

  • Gills Raider

Another Agito's VehiclesEdit

  • Dark Hopper


  • Kamen Rider Agito: Project G4

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